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Few months ago, a proto- fascist leader relished the electoral victory. His victory is much due to the naked demagoguery and less due to over- hyped Vikas ( development). The Polarizer in chief is set to rule the country for another five years. People, innocuously mistaking him to be a economic Messiah , showered him with votes.

A toxic cocktail of pro- corporatism and hyper-nationalism is masked with benign slogan of growth, development, etcetera. Having sent economy in doldrums with his disastrous demonetization, he managed to rake up hyper- nationalist madness to blunt the electoral damage arising out of it. Unemployment, stagnation, inefficiency—all were dwarfed by overarching chauvinism advocated by him and propagated by his party.

With track record of undermining the institutions meant for the democratic checks and balances, he may wish for unlimited power this time. Let’s pray India survive the current bout of saffron and corporate assault.
Jai Hind.
Jai Bharat.

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