City Explored, Emotions Still Not

Semesters were over. I had not planned anything particular to celebrate. Even, the conditions had turned worse when all my friends migrated a year ago to pursue their graduation in other metropolis. The weather was extremely hostile, with dry winds whistling violently across the mainland, scorching sunbeams percolating through clouds, hardly any locomotives moved on

A wonder speculated with ignorance

12th November, 2014. Kolkata. There is nothing exuberant than winter days. Flowers refracting elegantly upon the touch of dew drops, birds chirping at every street, trees standing naked to manifest their beauty, twigs gliding at the mercy of subtle breeze, sun rays escaping through perforated canopy, above all, it marks the exotic time of the

A Lady Picking Rags

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan got serious impetus under Modi led NDA regime, lining itself with the Gandhian philosophies. Unlike the former government, it diverted handsome financial impetus towards village sanitation, building toilets, cleaning public places, apart from creating awareness in community sphere. Psychologically at least, the campaign inspired people to adhere to healthy practices on