Self Assembling 3D Battery Would Charge In Seconds

In today’s world technology, Many types of batteries came into own excistence. But 3D batteries have its own importance. A rendering of the 3D battery architecture with interpenetrating anode (grey, separator (green), and cathode (blue, plus sign), each about 20 nanometers in size. Below are their respective molecular structures. The world is a big place,

Real Numbers Don’t Cut In The Real World, This Physicist Argues

In mathematics, many numbers such as natural, rational , whole and irrational numbers has its own excistence. Numbers are infact, the word is right there in the name. But physicist Nicolas Gisin doesn’t think so. He’s not questioning the mathematical concept of a real number. The term refers to a number that isn’t imaginary: It

Time Crystals created in two new types of distances

In today’s world, evolution of science and technology has greater importance.A man need more development of science to have better way of life. Time after time scientists have created time crystals in two new types of materials. These crystals have patterns that repeat over regular time intervals , just as the arrangement of atoms in