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Hyperloop One – An Amazing Technology

A Global economy requires advanced transportation technology which is ultra fast, on demand, energy efficient, safe and cheaper than others. Because other modes of transportation are now become old. This technology is “Hyperloop One” which is the fastest and latest technology of land transport. Hyperloop can be used for transportation of passengers as well as objects. Hyperloop uses sealed tube or system of tubes in which pod may travel throughout the tube. It is an enclosed sysem vacuum is created inside it. Hence it has very less air resistance. It is developed in such a way that very less friction loss can occur. Due to this facts it is fastest and highly efficient technology of land transportation.

What is the speed of Hyperloop One ?

The top speed of passenger vehicle or light goods vehicle is around 670 miles per hour or 1080 kilometers per hour which is 2-3 times faster than high speed rails and 10-15 times faster than ordinary rail.
Now imagine that if Hyperloop One is installed between any mega cities of india, how much time will be saved due to tremendous speed of hyperloop One!!!

How it works?

Hyperloop One works based on a linear electronic motor. Linear motor is a straightened version of rotary motor. This motor has two parts i.e. Staror and Rotor. As the name suggests stator is a stationary part of the motor to which electric power is applied. Due to this supply, magnetic levitation is generated and it force the rotor to move along the stator path. There is no physical contact between Staror and rotor, so friction loss is very less.

How it is safe?
Hyperloop One is inherently safe in iits designing and Hyperloop One is fully autonomous system. So, there is no driver related errors in it. It is immune from weather events and it has emergency braking technique.

How much notice will it generate?

Based on the physics of the system non-contact motion through a steel tube we anticipate the noise we will hear from the outside the tube as the pod goes by at more than 500 mph would be equivalent to the sound of a truck with no wheels and no engine going 65 mph down a freeway.

Installation of Hyperloop One in India :

Currently, there is no hyperloop installed anywhere in India but companies making hyperloops like ‘Virgin Hyperloop One’ are in touch with government of various countries of the world and tries to progress its project.
Initial cost of installation of Hyperloop is very high and installation time is more. Also, it requires skilled personnel. So it is somewhat difficult for any country to install it. Hyperloop One is installed between Dubai and Abu Dhabi which is working at the speed of 760 miles per hour(1200 km per hour). So, at this time, we can hope that india will install its first hyperloop One project within upcoming few years.

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