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Impact of Western Culture on Indian Youth

Culture of a country represents the heritage, dynasty, people, diversity of that country. India which is well known for its varying and vast culture across the country. “The four different directions likewise four different culture of the country” which represents that our country ‘India’ is a diverse country.

Irrespective of such a vast culture of our country, the youth is still engaged in following and aping Western Culture. They are applying the Western Culture on themselves and encouraging people around them to do the same but this affects the Culture of India. Youth want synchronization with Western Culture and are seeking more interest towards it leaving our own culture behind lacking and suffering. Changes are good but upto a certain limit. The word ‘Youth’ itself explains its meaning that this generation needs changes, creativeness with the things that surrounds them but are unaware of the consequences that are destroying one’s own Rituals.

Are the changes good or is just a Rat Race? These changes are definately not good for our country and infact for some other countries too. The generation wants to eat, sleep, walk, wear clothes in the same way as Western Culture people do and are just falling into a Rat Race. The Purchasing Power of Youth is just creating a Chaos. Dynamics of relationship is changing due to exposure to Western Culture. The trend is reversed for in the beginning Western People were more attracted by our culture but for now we are trying to ape them and forgetting about our own Culture and Rituals. They were used to Praise our culture and apply it on them but now the Trend is completely reversed. Todays generation is becoming Inquistive and is not able to see the difference between Optimism and Pessimism.

Conclusion- Change is good but not Necessary.


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