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Stray dogs: Does the same way you treat your pet dogs?

Canis lupus familiaris man’s best friend, right?

Yes, I am talking about dogs. How much they are loved by humans! They are also kept as pets and are given several names that are near to one’s heart.
They are loved, pampered and are also provided with several fancy elements but, only if they belong to some elite breeds and are brought after the expenditure of several thousand rupees.
Ever wondered about stray dogs? They die due to starvation.
Left out food is a fancy for them!
It’s okay if you don’t cuddle them or tickle them but atleast take your hands out to feed them.
They do not belong to an elite breed, they don’t have fascinating hair, they even won’t make you look rich among the people around but, they will be loving you for sure like any dog does.
Several surveys have resulted that there has been a vast increment in the death rate of stray dogs due to starvation, fatal diseases and road accidents.
The reason is they are treated as dogs and not as a living creature.
People become careful while they see a pet dog around because, they know those dogs are costly and they could be heavily charged by the owner but if the same happens with a stray dog , people walk away from there because, they know no one will defend a poor stray dog .
The need of the hour is to understand that elite or stray, love and care is the only need.
Don’t bring them home but atleast be kind to them.
Don’t make them your family but atleast be friends to them.
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