Work from Home?An Unclear Notion

Work from Home?An Unclear Notion

When Coronavirus made visible footprints in India, in March Large, Medium, Small enterprises started taking actions towards work from home culture as to present physically in office was becoming more struggle to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the survey of E&Y of workforce productivity, Working remotely is a concern area for employers for some it is rejoicing or for some, it is pretty maddening!

If we believe on latest research, Big giants of World such as Amazon, Google, Twitter has asked their employee as to work from home for the rest of the year until situation settle up

]If we consider in India, Giants such as Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services said there is no permanent coming back to work from office setup fully

But Work from Home is really that effective?

The survey integrates the perspective of HR Heads/Senior HR’s of over 100 organizations across sectors in India on the impact of COVID-19 and their arrangements to tackle the current situation.

Here are some of the concerns regarding work from home perspectives:

  • The biggest diminishing in productivity was accounted for those who are working alone (no adults or children in the home).
  • The normal workday is 9.75 hours, with a normal beginning time of 8:00 am and a normal end time of 6 pm. Many people are working during ordinary work hours, with less than 10 percent beginning before 7 am or broadening their workday past 7 pm
  • The greatest interruption from working at home is social media. (This should be featured) People revealed social media is their greatest interruption, dedicating almost two hours or more on to it.
  • Employees, Mental health is also an important factor as there no coffee, tea breaks, no office discussions which is important for employees health (wink wink)

If we consider remote working as an asset then following can be key points:

  • People are getting more time to spend with their family and loved ones.
  • According to the Survey, there is very less impact on productivity
  • As there are no plans to commute traffic scenes, Its more likely people are engaging themselves in upgrading their skills
  • Or they are pursuing their hobbies which has been lost in time due to “No time”
  • There has been a lot of increase in Online Yoga, Meditation classes, as locking up in the house for more than one month was actually suffocating and disturbing

The vast majority accept their organization is working admirably supporting remote work, organizing various talent programs, Cuisine talent show programs by being at home solely to engage employees.

Many of Tech companies are now adopting a color code system as each employee will get assigned to a particular color, and according to the color they have to report office or one day per week reporting system.

Public Transport such buses, local trains seems not to be incorporating as advisories are asking people to come office by their own vehicle preferably.


Consider it or not everything in the World has always its own pros and cons whether its Pandemic or new inventions in the world.Moreover, People can always work on their destructions while working from home until the situation gets normal

Aditi Mokasdar

Aditi Mokasdar


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