The “real” contribution of Space agencies

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We can hear lots of people saying that all space agencies do is to send people or rockets in space and that’s the only thing they can do.

Moreover, we can also hear people say why investing so much money on space agencies and such things, but instead, they say, why not use the money on making things better on Earth?

But how true is that and is this the only thing space agencies do? Or is there anything else which people can actually say that the space agencies are contributing in the so called “real” aspect of life?


Among lots of things which remain unseen related to the contribution of space agencies, technology is probably at the topmost of the list.

There are some things which probably still won’t be possible without space agencies.

  1. These include the invention of Computer Mouse, which was invented by NASA and Stanford university together.
  2. The polymer used in space suits were used to develop the polymers used in firefighting suits which are used very commonly today.
  3. The technology that is being used in MRI and CAT scanners are made initially for space agencies to optimize the images of moon.
  4. Solar Cells were invented by NASA to reduce the energy wasted and to cope up with the high power demand.
  5. Camera Phones were made by NASA with a goal to minimize space to let them fit into a spacecraft. 1/3rd of the cameras still use the same technology today.

There are many others which include LED, Scratch Resistant glasses etc.

Directly used by humans

If anyone wants to say that we can still live without them, the following are the things that people did need or at least in some way help making our lifespan better-

  1. Shock Absorbers are also invented to reduce some complexity of space ships which has saved thousands of lives today by earthquake etc.
  2. Artificial Limbs used by lots of people today are also an invention of NASA originally invented for space vehicles.
  3. Insulin Pumps are also an invention of the same.
  4. Infrared thermometers are something we are using on large scale in this pandemic era.
  5. Water filtration that utilize Iodine was also made to ensure that astronauts can get safe water.

Use during Coronavirus

In the pandemic situation too, space agencies are doing some bigger research and providing the data for the same. There are huge number of ventilators which are supplied by NASA and other space agencies too are doing a significant work in the same field along with a huge other potential sectors.

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Ankur Gupta

Ankur Gupta

Just a learner.

Ankur Gupta

Just a learner.

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