Unexpected Corona,Unexpected follow-up

Recently Elon Musk and many prominent CEOs are planning to launch to the red surface of Mars and exploit the land to the fullest.
But, who had known in the past that man still has not wholly disclosed the covert of the Earth itself. Though he had conceived and invented a plethora of technologies but he is still a common man. So, to prove and justify the preceding fact a tragicomic scenario comes before so-called technologically advanced humans. It is COVID.

No one has anticipated that something of such sort will ever happen. That there will be anything like that will culminate the whole world in global pandemic and this pandemic will hit scores of figures to death especially in developed countries like the United States. There were times when the world was plunged in pandemics like the Ebola virus, Zika virus, Flu, Plague and AIDS but not of such sort muffling almost the whole world.

COVID Spread

COVID ushered in India with the first case in Kerala and within two-three months it engulfed the country, not leaving any single State untouched. The whole world holds the notion that the virus will badly hit the most populous countries like China, India but the technologically and economically potent the United States unexpectedly turns up the worst hit with the toll of 2.18 million cases and 119 thousand deaths till date extrapolating that no technology and money can overpower nature.

Changes in Lifestyle

COVID accompanied by the fear of dreadful symptoms which compelled the hectic and long jammed cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad to transform into a life-threatening tranquillity. There were no long traffic jams, no bustling markets and not a single common man outside his home. There were just the noble police officers who were one of the most committed people serving for the nation in these disastrous times. And two-month long this scenario led the economy to descend down to all-time lowest. India’s GDP descended to around 3.5%.

Communalism in these days

You must be thinking Hindus and Muslims must be turned united in these conditions. But, sorry to say that is just in our perception. Appearance of Jamati’s provoked the Hindus and almost the whole nation.

Around 2,000 COVID infected Muslims were gathered in Markaz Banglewali mosque which should be quarantined but is used in the form of weapon. From there on, the number of COVID cases took a steep turn and started surge exponentially.

Cases are still augmenting. Due to the lockdown in the country, the poor section of the society is on the verge of starvation. Though the government is trying to fulfil the basic necessities but could not support the whole section. Many NGOs and philanthropic came forth showing their regards and responsibilities towards their nation All are in just one expectation that they get away with this calamity.

Anurag Modi

Anurag Modi

Creating curated contents with the sole aim of bringing social change is what gives me a thrill.

Anurag Modi

Creating curated contents with the sole aim of bringing social change is what gives me a thrill.

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