Anonymous has surfaced up as yet another problem for the citizens of the USA.

Anonymous has surfaced up as yet another problem for the citizens of the USA.

 As if the pandemic threat wasn’t enough, yet again another threat this time from the famous Hacktivist group- Anonymous has surfaced up as yet another problem for the citizens of the USA. Ever since the brutal murder of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a white cop, many violent protests have taken place, in Minneapolis against the police. The group of hackers has pledged to expose many crimes of the city’s police to the world.

Having no actual face or any particular leader, they go by the tagline ” we are the legion”- thus hinting to a large number of people involved. 

They are known to be activists who take a stand against those who misuse power. 

The main way in which they particularly function is still unknown however, they have made appearances online which provide enough proof for the facts. They are anonymous- have only a Guy Fawkes mask made famous by Alan Moore’s graphic novel: V for Vendetta. They usually have public ways of humiliation- hijacking websites or driving people offline. 

What have these revolutionary roups done till now? 

The group has been apparently been involved in the malfunctioning of a minor United Nations page which had replaced contents with ‘ Rest in Power George Floyd’ along with their logo( anonymous).

Have hacked the police database and email address from the police department’s system (allegedly)

-The Minneapolis police department website was temporarily taken offline over the weekend as it was suspected of Distributed Denial of Service attack. 

Still, the government and many people have been contemplating on the fact that is this a good move on the part of these hackers groups to take laws in their hands. 

Since the death of George Floyd has caused major civil unrest. However, the taking up of law in their own hands is a tad questionable.

Not only this, but Anonymous also has various perceptions of the Chinese world domination, over the world. 

The year 2020 hasn’t been too kind on us given the pandemic outbreak and an almost near to World war 3 situation. Recently, Anonymous- a Hacktivist group has come up with a possible conspiracy theory, about how China can be aiming for world domination. 

There are No good guys! 

The USA and the United Nation, both via the NATO powers have started the major power play- by engaging in wars with other smaller countries like Iran. However, China too wants to enter the sphere of world domination, just by disguising its efforts in the name of diplomacy. 

How did China come into the picture?

Well, months ago before the world was forced to enter into a lockdown due to a virus that mysteriously originated in China, there was a mass protest in Hong Kong, against the Chinese Communist Party. The people of Hong Kong were fed up with the brutal regime and the huge interference of the CCP. So, in order to warn the world about the Chinese scheme of brutal domination, they held protests making claims that the Chinese will infiltrate other country governments too and take control. 

The CCP already has made its way to taking control of the world. How exactly?

China in the past has lent out loans to smaller countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, etc to help them be at par with other countries on a global level. But, most of the countries are unable to pay the loan back. Why? 

Obviously, the guidelines of the loan are very strict. So, to pay back the loans, the countries often let out a part of their trading ports or a part of their economic asset to China. This trick used by China is called the ‘ the debt-trap diplomacy’ which has also affected countries in the West. 

Coronavirus enters into the scenario further. 

Many lawsuits have been filed and China has been heavily questioned regarding the mishandling of the virus in its early days. There are doubts further, that the Chinese government has allowed many other deadly pathogenic experiments to be conducted despite regular warnings. 

One of the biggest examples of this experiment is the Human Monkey hybrid that faced criticism this year. 

The CCP had been also accused of secretly testing nuclear weapons and also breaking the biological weapon convention by engaging in activities that have ‘dual biological application’.The world has surely become a powerplay engaged by these countries, to control over the other nations- either by hook or crook.

Aroona Banerjie

Aroona Banerjie

Aiming to grow at the speed of a thought.

Aroona Banerjie

Aiming to grow at the speed of a thought.

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