The world is full of miscreants and some of them are awful and notorious. But the miscreant which brought the world to its knees has been proved disastrous. Yes, you guessed it right. Its COVID-19. This is the reason why a long pause has instilled into our lives and made us live inside our homes irresistibly. Mostly, we, at homes, are desperately waiting for that auspicious day when corona will be completely wiped out of our planet. Isn’t it? But it would be ironic to think about the same. Coronavirus has infused its arteries into the unprecedented depth of our livelihood which is typically unignorable. The truth is that we all have to learn how to live coherently with Corona. A lot of advertisements of Amitabh Bachchan and other actors are continuously popping up on our televisions to make us aware. But it’s the self-learning process. Advertisements can just aware of you but at last its upon you that you are wearing your masks all the time whenever you go out for any important chore.

I have picked out some questions that will test your aptitude to live with Corona unaffectedly.

Are you still spitting on the roads/streets?

Do you put on your mask whenever you go out?

Do you maintain required social distancing whenever you go out?

Do you sanitize your hands after returning your homes?

If your answer to any of these questions is No? then it means that you must learn Corona Ethics to be able to coexist with this daunting Virus. Masks and hand Sanitizers have become an indispensable part of our livelihood. And it will prevail until the vaccination of this deadly virus is not to be invented. This is a hard time for all of us. We all have an eerie feeling that the end of this world is soon. Bush fire, Amfaan Cyclone, Earthquakes, Corona Pandemic, and Plane crash, all the mishaps are lashing on us concurrently. This kind of news is quite enough to shake out confidence. Some may think that this is the wrath of God. But, in actuality, Revenge is not in the dictionary of God. God always showers his unconditional love for us. This is just the time which will pass soon. Don’t worry at all. But everybody has a question that when will the normal days come. Then it is necessary to understand that Today’s abnormal has become normal. In the scenario of a pandemic, it would be our foolishness to think that when will the world return to its normal days and ways. This time is to show your smartness. We all have to adapt to the changing world. All days are normal as long as we adjust ourselves to the change. This Virus is not like an Amfaan cyclone where one can hunker down and wait for the crisis to pass. There is literally, not going to be it’s a safe-to-go-out-now moment in this case.

  Let’s have a glance at the new normal days of our country. After the removal of lockdown, some developed countries imposed restrictions on people over the age of 60, 65, 70, 75 then we all have to be prepared to face restrictions that what we can do or what can’t and where we can go and where can’t.

A very strict restriction protocol will be adopted in offices and schools. Travel, especially international travel, will be not everyone’s cup of tea. It will be expensive. The UK government already said that it will enforce a 14-day quarantine for air passengers. This is not enforced only be Uk but every country stated this. This quarantine will kill our pretty business time.

Marriages and huge recreational events are out for now and it is unlikely now that the Olympic games will take place. Theatre and music performance have gone online. Netflix, Amazon prime, and other web series platforms have created a magnanimous market for viewers. Many blockbusters movies are going to release on these platforms. Gymnasiums, swimming pools, and health clubs may not open for a long time, and while restaurants and hotels will, dining out will be an expensive and different affair.

This, then, is the new normal.

If by early next year the vaccine will not get invented, we will all know how to be safe and how to carry on with work, play, and life in a new world because life and work cannot wait.

Raghav Arora

Raghav Arora

Im a student of civil Engineering. Im very fond of reading books and recently published my ebook on Amazon kindle "A Mysterious Honeymoon"

Raghav Arora

Im a student of civil Engineering. Im very fond of reading books and recently published my ebook on Amazon kindle "A Mysterious Honeymoon"

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