Indian Education and Reforms

India is a land of rich culture and heritage. The onset of the Civilization earliest civilization began in Indian Subcontinent. When people in Europe and Africa were living in caves, Asia was blooming with the two greatest civilizations of the world namely The Indus Valley Civilization and The Mesopotamian Civilization, Which is a clear suggestion that people born in India(Heart of global knowledge) were smart and outclassed the rest of the world, but what has happened now? Asia inhibits the largest human populous and still, we fail to protect their rights and come out as an ideal society.

India does not lack talent but the corrupt system and not a suitable education system does not let us utilise our abilities, Although the same education system has given a lot of genius to the world, Satya Nadella ‘CEO’ of Microsoft is Indian, 25% of working people in Silicon Valley are Indian’s. We don’t even lack educated Intellectual class and still, we are in a bad shape, this limited education base in a dream come true for ‘ Thomas Macaulay’ as his Idea of filtration theory is coming true but it will keep the masses enslaved to the elite classes.

 The education system we follow is not bad rather not suitable for the population we have, People successful in the current education system of India will not criticize the education or if they do so not in an open manner, on the other hand, those who failed to adjust with system blame it for their failure but their criticism is mostly either baseless or lacks constructive opinion to postulate a theory that can be used by the masses to Educate the masses.

Reforms I will suggest for Education in India

1. Unconventional thinking of Convention ideas- World is full of knowledge and ideas by to be absorbed by us, Reciprocating it to become an idealistic or a desired society is possible and which is what we are trying but creating own viewpoint which is original in thinking from the accessible knowledge will lead not only India but the whole world on the path of achieving great heights in a short period.

2. Applicability of the subject- Many of us feel like where would be use trigonometry as a principle but it plays an important part and same goes with other topics, Focusing on its applicability is what we need and what we tend to miss. Economics as a subject could be revolutionised, In schools distributing limited resources(money) and urging children to create policies to run the school will identify the true potential, Some will cheat, Some loose the money and Some will find creative solutions hence understanding true potential from the childhood.

3. Removing boundary of difference between History and Mythology- We are presented with historical data divided into two parts, Allow students to study both of it as history and choke out facts which work out for them rather than forcing facts on them. For instance, when there is talk of three loks in Ramayana, I took it to be talking about three continents known then- Asia, Africa and America, When they talk about Demons, I took it to be people who defied Vedic authority and followed tantric ideas denied by Vedic ideas and also were man-eaters(Cannibalism).

4. Removing the barrier of Ideology- Ideologies make people their slave and remove the capability to pick the required knowledge, Ideologies make people blind and our society is a good example of it, We are either a supporter of Left, Right or centralist ideas and we try to defend it till the last breath, we are bound to this condition because of our Education system, JNU is general is known for left ideas meanwhile Banaras Hindu University as full of Right-Wing ideas which work against the basic principle of unbiased learning. Association destroys critical thinking to an extent.

This is just a part of the reform, Our complex society and our complex education are not so lame to defy easily, it requires A complex pattern of reforms suiting the need of rich diversity.

Call for participating in this event is part of a big reform allowing bright young minds to jot down their

Deepansh Shukla

Deepansh Shukla

In search of knowledge, No matter what the source is, Dreamt of becoming a politician until I got the reality check and aspiring to become a law graduate,

Deepansh Shukla

In search of knowledge, No matter what the source is, Dreamt of becoming a politician until I got the reality check and aspiring to become a law graduate,

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