In pandemic: Disabled remain as an invisible minority.

In pandemic: Disabled remain as an invisible minority.

‘Inclusion is within everyone’s ability’


Who are disabled

People having some sort of physical or mental disparity considerd to be as disabled. There are some special rights or inclusion within Indian constitution for specially abled people. As because of their anomalies they are unable to perform some daily chores but are extraordinary in some special skils which they acquire.

Right for disabled NHRC 21

Livelihood & Employment

During the COVID19 there are many disruptions over globe, but there are some major areas where the least importance is given up till now is the disabled community.

No security of jobs, there are many problems faced by a disabled person and the job is the crucial one. A person with some disability find very difficult first to find a appropriate job and then to continue it.

Ex. A person in dabipur (Assam) was handicapped and could not walk, but was brilliant and able to write. He found a job in factory as an accountant and also was an single provider to his family. During this lockdown he has to gave up his job (and after his life) because his owner had refused him of his salary. As a single provider with no such extra money he hanged himself and died.

There are many such examples of them because government has made some laws for labour or others but not specially for disabled as their chance of finding another job is likely very less then others. Government has failed to give them basic justice for their jobs.

As Independent, Most of the disabled are independent some by choice some forced because of some societal pressure. As one of their lifeline to live for them is to being independent and not a burden on anyone even on thier family.

In this period of lockdown they were unabled to get full information or some external help by policies if made for them. Due to lack of information they have suffered a lot. As our society feel quite difficult to accept or treat them normal. Suffered daily by some new challenges.


There are two group of them by which disabled people are suffering and they are the one which are:-

  • Infected

The people which are disabled and also infected by covid19 are facing many problems such as –

  1. There are no special arrangements in hospital for them like ramps, special toilets etc.
  2. No such special doctors who attend them by considering their physical or mental problem specially.
  3. They need to go for daily checkups now which is very difficult as in hospital they are not getting basic needs.
  • Affected

Now the disabled people who are suffering on daliy basis as due to lack of information:-

  1. The news and information is provided for all the people but who’s left are disabled people who can listen or see.
  2. Information is not provided in sign language, Braille etc.
  3. There are basic faults at the baseline, today the main source of information are TVs, mobile etc. and there are no such channels dedicated to them.


There are some basic rights in our constitution which cannot be prevailed and one of them is right to education. During this lockdown providing education being made difficult but through e-learning or online classes people are managing quite well. But again who left are disabled people who can’t hear, talk, see etc. For them also there are basic special rights in our constitution for seeing that you can visit

Providing education is the duty of state that it should be spread among all group of members. There are no such policies specially which make their life a bit easy or say normal.

The Stigmatization of people towards anomalies and some sort of difficulty with them has already made their life miserable. They already are facing great humiliation at workplace or even in thier families and this lockdown has proved to be a cherry on cake like thing. Where lack of information or education and some basic needs has resulted them into Invisible minority. Causes for this can be no representation direct in parliament specially for them or the havoc of this pandemic, cause be remain any thing but lack of representation of disabled people is the thing which they are facing from great time.

Some steps taken by Central Government

  1. Government has now started providing Braille, audio tapes, lectures in sign language.
  2. Government has specially made a comprehensive disability inclusive guidelines.


  1. There is a need of joint secretary level position for disability affairs.
  2. The policy formation should get more intrinsic and quite progressive.

Paras Mujumdar

Paras mujumdar

I enjoy exploring information and writing about social and Psychological stuff.

Paras mujumdar

I enjoy exploring information and writing about social and Psychological stuff.

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