How To Best Use The Lockdown Time?

How To Best Use The Lockdown Time?

“Caught inside the homes,
tedious and stodgy,
here is a solution for you
to turn into a prodigy.”

Sir Issac Newton is a wise example of productivity during a pandemic.
During the 1990s plague, he fabricated paramount acumens across vital
zones of mathematics and physics. He executed experiments to measure
gravity’s pull and then commenced casting his most brilliant idea: universal
gravitation, the theory that would unite every object in the cosmos to
the ascent of that popular apple from branch to the ground.
So, just visualise how productive a person can be during such a pandemic.

Here are a few things which will be beneficial to turn from an indolent, sluggish and spiritless person to a prolific and productive person.

1. Self -Introspection

Aristotle quoted once “ Knowing yourself is the beginning of all

In more unadulterated words, self-introspection means knowing
So the most asked question during a job interview is to describe yourself.
And I wager many of you must have googled adjectives to describe
yourself the most competent.
But wait a minute, what made us do that? Do the search engines
know us better? Or we have succumbed ourselves in this materialistic
Our lives have become so bustling that we hardly have any time to self
introspect. But if we gaze into a pragmatic aspect of lockdown, it has
proffered us an adequate time to discover ourselves deeper.

So, sit in an idle corner of your place,
have a conversation with yourself and
discover a more vigorous version of yourself.

It will encourage you to make accurate judgments in the future and
transform your life for the better.

2.Home Workout

The pandemic delivered a new trend kenned as home workouts.
So a time during which a single step out of our homes could cost our lives,
the best way to stay fit is to try innovative home workouts every day.
It is one of the best methods to boost our immunity. Also, it will keep us
engaged and dynamic throughout the day.
So what are you waiting for?

Take out your yoga mats,
play your beats,
exercise till you sweat and
amaze everyone
with your fit and lean body
post lockdown.

3.Be An Author

Y E S, you read it right.
Bring the poet and author out of you during the lockdown. Pen down the
sweet reminiscences of your biography. Revisit the old memories of your
life and turn it into a wonderful and encouraging poem.
The best use of lockdown will be when you can transform yourself into a
productive human.

Accumulate the books from your gloomy shelves,
give them a read,
take some incentive,
hold the pen between your fingers and
wear the writer’s gown.

This venture would help you to introduce yourself to new life experiences.
If you hone your writing skills, there is no ambiguity one day you can earn
dollars from it.
Feel free to forward a copy of your writing to me.

4.Read, Read And Read

“Once, I was the one reading life lessons of
successful people and now the tables have turned.
People are reading my expedition.”

Many prosperous personalities are utilising their time reading.
Read the newspapers as it will help you sojourn updated during this
lockdown. Also, you can read numerous journals published in diverse
languages and learn a dissimilar language substantially.
You can utilize the time reading various points of view or knowledge or life
lessons of eminent personalities. It will provide beneficence and also a
better mindset towards society.
Reading the life lessons of the rich and powerful will motivate you and help
you develop a hardworking, determined and positive attitude towards
your life.

5.Play Mind Games

“A healthy mind helps a soul to be more productive,
innovative and creative.”

Many mental health experts have claimed that people are having a brain
fog during the coronavirus pandemic. After so long, we have experienced a
sea -change in our lifestyle and it had disturbed our psyche. People are
finding difficulty to sleep and our body clock is almost disturbed.
“No matter how you’ve been impacted by the pandemic, its effects are
reaching everyone”, Dr Noulas says. The deep sense of refinement and
uncertainty is disturbing our mental health. Anxiety, mood swings and
complexity in focusing have become everyone’s partner in crime.
So, to cope with this and to nurture our mental health, brain games have
become an effortless and accessible item.
Mind games like crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku, etc. foster brain growth
and works as a great memory-booster. They improve thinking and
response time.
You can play with your family members, it will also help you to develop a
more healthy relationship with them. Involve your friends too through video calls, it will turn out to be a pleasant activity.

6.Smart Binge-Watching

“ No more imbecile binge-watching,
its time for smart binge-watching.”

Perhaps one of my readers would turn into a successful movie director or
an actor or a cinematographer or maybe a producer one day.
Yes, any arbitrary hobby when done with passion could turn into a
successful career.
Remember, a great watch provides a long-lasting impression on our
brain. So, we have to be wise enough when it comes to choosing a show.
An incredible world of television can be super educative. You might be
pondering I’m crazy. But no, I’m not insane.

So, here are 5 shows for you that will indeed make you brighter.

  1. Myth Busters – For all the enthusiasts who like to uncover the truth
    behind myths by a scientific approach.
  2. Survivor- Hello! all the hodophiles out there, learn the rudimentary survival skills and gear up for your next voyage.
  3. Criminal Minds- Analysing the minds of criminal and anticipating their next move, you will learn a lot from this show.
  4. Death Note- How a supernatural diary presents it’s users the strength to kill. You will watch this show unquestionably twice or thrice during your lifetime.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy- A show in which surgical interns and their
    administrators start on a medical mission where they become part of
    heart-wrenching tales and make life-changing choices in order to become the finest doctors. You can never go wrong with this one.

Watch the shows and stay entertained and intelligent. And
move a step closer to smart binge-watching rather than a mindless one.


So let’s just vow to stay home, be more productive, help the penniless, wear homemade masks, be fit and eat healthily.

Pranvi Bhogal

Pranvi Bhogal

I'm a budding engineer. Have a passion to pen down my thoughts and be an authoress.

Pranvi Bhogal

I'm a budding engineer. Have a passion to pen down my thoughts and be an authoress.

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