Environment is changing, Why not we?

Environment is changing, Why not we?

In a report of 1995 world’s leading scientist concluded that the earth has already warmed by 0.5°C during last century. And they estimated that earth’s temperature will rise another 2°C by the year 2100.

As yesterday we celebrated world environment day, everyone wishes each other on their social media timeline. Some of them criticized the governmental organization, some of them just gave small message to society, some of them planted trees overall again this year everyone shows mixed response on the day.

It rarely happens that on any World Environment Day we have produced less carbon. But nothing will happen with this. Now planting trees cannot change the scenario, if we really want to see the change then we have to do afforestation.

Carbon Carbon Everywhere!

In 2016, a total of 9.9 billion tons of Carbon dioxide was produced. If we talk in the current scenario the at this time, we have produced this much 15,620,785,135 tonnes of carbon is produced by us. A mature growing tree consumes about 12 KG of CO2 a year and the rate by which we are cutting the trees we can understand the concentration of Carbon in air. Every winter we face the problem of smog which is the aftermath of Carbon. Due to carbon global warming also increases, and this affects the marine life also.

Every day by our self we try to save electricity, save fuels and somehow, we do that, but these efforts are minuscule towards this problem. In reality now everyone has to think about this problem. Now the time came to ask this question from us : Environment is changing, why not we?

Not only this but also many species extinct, rivers are depleting, many new diseases are coming into existence. Last year in nation’s capital first patient was found of cancer who is not a tobacco consumer.

Just stop the Complaining Business!

We all know about the case of polythene, but let me recall you once again. Polythene is a polymer which doesn’t degrade itself in our environment and causes various types of pollution. This simple definition everyone knows but we are still using it. Yeah government needs to impose some law on us then only we stop using it. Actually, we are inhuman that’s why we need everything should be imposed in the form of law. But in some states it is imposed still we are using it, now we again complain about it that we have no option , government should provide some option. And here the complaining business starts . We always complain about that government should make some strategy to fight from these issues. Why we think so! Don’t we live on this planet? Don’t we breathe the same air. If it is so then why we need someone’s strategy. It is the first time in human history when information is available on our finger tips, whatever we want to convey we can easily convey it through social media. Every rubbish thing can easily make a trend on Twitter but the things that really need our attention never trends on Twitter or if trends then once in a blue moon like on special days. Why we are waiting from government end, why not we are taking the charge.

Environment means everything it also includes animals!

You can easily guess what I am talking about. The inhuman act of Kerala is just one of them. In day to day life we see many activities like slaughtring of animals. This shows we don’t understand how our ecosystem works! We can not scale any inhuman activity , that this is less inhuman or it is more if activity is inhuman then it need not any debate. Because we don’t have any right to affect life of other creatures.In our ecosystem every creature is important. To cope up with this I think only strict laws can reduce these things.

Is change necessary?

If you change nothingnothing will change

Tony Robbins

Well said by an American author! This quote fits perfect in this aspect. Yes now its time to change our attitude towards our nature.

We always believe in Survival of the fittest. So one thing we should understand if nature does any selection then it will do in very cruel way.

So yes change is necessary. In our society there are many ways by which we can improve the situation. Some people are also doing well , one of them is founder of Isha foundation Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He launched the campaign Rally for Rivers.

To rivitalise the rivers which is the source of our life what can we do is available on the website:https://isha.sadhguru.org/rally-for-rivers/

We all know about corona pandemic which is the effect of human habbit has taken life of many people and no one knows when it will be controlled. So, we should take some lessons from this and change our habbit. Today one thing anyone can easily notice we always close the taps when not in use, switches off the electrical appliances when not in use, these are good habits but it will not going to help anymore, because now the time has changed it need bigger efforts and on mass level. We can do many things but at this time we just have to do afforestation, there are many tricks available by which one can grow a small forest in his/her garden in a time span of one year.

Grow forest in your backyard.

To know more visit here : https://www.afforestt.com/

So the Time for action is now because if nature will take the charge then it will do in very cruel way.

Pic credit:https://static.scientificamerican.com/sciam/cache/file/8A0A57E0-4FA4-42DC-A44267E8D5D8C94C_source.png

Satyam Jha

Satyam Jha

I am pursuing B.tech in Mechanical Engineering from Darbhanga college of engineering.

Satyam Jha

I am pursuing B.tech in Mechanical Engineering from Darbhanga college of engineering.

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