China outlined its vision to become as the World’s biggest superpower within the next 30 years. The indomitable spirit within Chinese has made them stand up and grow rich and strong , thereby moving to the centre stage of superpowers. China is the fastest growing superpower today and it wants a shift in today’s power dynamics. They don’t pause in the pursuit of progress. Though China expands globally, it secretly plans to topple US-the present superpower. If so, it could bring a new historic juncture to China as well as the world.

China’s strategic orientation has transformed it from inward-looking to outward-looking, from being self-sufficient to co-ordination oriented, from industrializing to industrialized. It gives China the appearance of a prudent, merciless power with inflexible territorial aspirations and unrestricted warfare.

How do they strengthen themselves?

Their main strategy is to improvise and strengthen their armed forces. “War is inevitable between the emerging power and the ruling hegemony”. Hence, China wants to reform its military strategy by expanding their military interests beyond borders and creating a comprehensive protection of their own security across the globe, thereby planning to emerge as the next sole superpower.

Strong military is responsible and important for a country to grow from being big to being strong. The history has testaments that prove that ” To become a strong nation, it needs a strong military and when the nation has a tight grip on its military, it can withstand any rigorous challenges both at home and abroad”.

Annotation: The current superpowers US, Russia, Japan and other nations became so strong because they have a strong military.

Thus, on an overall basis, military reformation is the significant “turning point” for any emerging power to override other powers and hence, China is reforming its military strategy.

How do they Expand their Armed Forces?

It is by the “Chinese Debt Trap”. Some of the Asian and most of the African countries are in need of much financial aid for its growth and sustainability. To lens a loan World Bank ? IMF has some set of strict criteria, which these countries cannot meet. But, China helps them by funding their projects. Infact , it offers billions of loans with fewer conditions at less or no interest. There are literally hundreds of emerging Chinese infrastructure projects in Africa every year. Though , China touts that there are “no strings attached” , there are “hidden strings and a political goal” behind them.

On passing time, the loans and interests pile up and if the infrastructure project doesn’t yield much revenue, they can’t pay back the debt. Loans, interested, scams and financial health would have been fully spoiled by then. That’s where the “China’s Debt Diplomacy” begins. In such a situation where the country cannot pay off their debts, China would say, “Let us operate here”, , where they would be practically owning the country. Chinese debt trap is like sugar. By the time we realize it is not good, we are already trapped.

At times of conflict, China can turn their trade bases into military bases. An empirical evidence to this is the Chinese enormous influence over Africa , that is, China has a strong grip over the entire continent and has its abroad military base at Djibouti.

Using the Economic Chaos wisely

Till today, COVID-19 tirades in global scale and has challenged the global security. There are also some allegations that this COVID-19 virus is a product of the biological warfare begun by China, which may be true or false. With the world being preoccupied with the pandemic, Why China moves to take advantage of the distraction by claiming its adjoining states/regions? The unceasing operations that China make when the world is being gripped by the pandemic, What does it indicate?

China has a mature chemical and biological warfare capability, which is forseeable by now. If COVID-19 could be this lethal and destructive, then how fatal would be the next biological weapon? This COVID-19 is a treacherous, unconventional, lethal weapon and is catastrophic to the global economy. It is the deadlier weapon of mass destruction.

In the middle of this economic crisis, Why is China getting political? Why do China has to push its borders, not before, not after, but Now(amidst this pandemic)? Because “Timing is Everything”. They want to wage a war by using the deadliest weapon-‘The Economy’ and own the country. This is the worst time for any country to go to war, as the economy is plummeting down. Thus, the country can do nothing but, surrender themselves relentlessly to China.

On the emerging political clash, there are rumours saying that China is underrating its cases to seek ‘political dominance’. This pandemic could be an unpredictable framework to plot grave and more incalculable terrorism and savage destruction.


China has already taken its huge steps to become a superpower, not today, not yesterday, but long years back when we didn’t realize their plot. But still, China has a distance to go as their ascension can be disrupted and halted by its internal turmoil and its conflicts with other countries. It is high time we realize their gambit and stabilize ourselves without their support.



An Indian space aspirant interested in writing...


An Indian space aspirant interested in writing...

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